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This blog may be designed to walk you threw the new age of aroma therapy cooking!!!! Once again our friends at Storz and bickel did it again by showing use that the VOLCANO has many uses.

Juan Arzak presenting the Volcano during a congress of chefsJuan Arzak presenting the Volcano within a congress of chefs

Hypermodern cooking





Food vaporizer coupon

of or pertaining to present and up to date time; not ancient or remote: modern city life.


manifestation of present and recent time; contemporary; not antiquated or obsolete: modern viewpoints.


of or regarding the historical period following the Ancient: modern European history.


of, regarding, or sign of contemporary types of Cooking, literature, music, etc., that reject traditionally accepted or sanctioned forms and emphasize individual experimentation and sensibility.

The VOLCANO Vaporizer enables you to explore the benefits of pure flavor and also the realm of aroma in new and exciting ways! Hypermodern cooking advocates unique techniques to extract, refine, and purify aroma looking at the raw source.

Aromatizing food - cooking with oven hose

Typically the most popular culinary vaporization is method is to flavor your food with aroma by using your VOLCANO. You have to do this dish after i had this the first time i'm for each other, It absolutely was absolutely amazing the flavors was remarkable as well as the aroma just enhanced the dish to perfection. Crabmeat aromatized with thyme!

You set the crabmeat into the oven hose and so the aroma in the thyme generated with the volcano, Anybody who states love crabmeat has not enjoyed it if you don't have observed it such as this!


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